Unlocker Detective: 40 Levels Game Hint

Card 001

  • This first card tells you how to play
  • If you read the first sentence, it said you should read clues
  • At the clue, it said "type ..." :)

Card 002

  • The easiest card in this game. Just type what you see from the image

Card 003

  • The clue said we don't need those big guys
  • So, let's ignore those capital letters you saw from the image. Then, you will get it!

Card 004

  • Count the number of notes you can see from the image
  • Answer it in English with the unit at the end

Card 005

  • Solve the puzzle and you will get a word
  • However, look at the password label. It seems to be in a reverse side

Card 006

  • At the second page, count the number of each color that must use from the first page
  • Once you get the number, see the direction where to go
  • Then, just press the button as per the number and the direction you got

Card 007

  • The clue said the thing from this can help you
  • Let think of the thing that have the number, so it should be keyboard!
  • The clue also said find the route
  • Follow the path of the number in the keyboard, you will notice that it is the letter

Card 008

  • It said you can do mistake and you will find it
  • Type anything randomly
  • That's it! Password is appearing now!

Card 009

  • The clue tell you to trust the color
  • See the circle's color that doesn't have its own letter
  • See around to find out the same color that has its own letter
  • I think you get it now :)

Card 010

  • Where are they? It means some of them are missing here
  • Find out the missing English character from the image
  • Then, use your English skill to make the word

Card 011

  • Try to do something with image to find out something behind
  • See it yet?

Card 012

  • 3 Pictures refer to the word and combine them as password
  • 1st picture is the video player. "REC" button does not show here
  • 2nd picture means when you played a game and your HP got 0, the most games will show you the message "game...."
  • 3nd picture means a letter ...

Card 013

  • "Don't look at me" means no need to see the picture
  • Something in the whole screen get lost (Under the picture)

Card 014

  • The position that the arrow point the field is the sequence of the letter
  • Number is means the players on the left (Just count!)
  • See the name on each of them

Card 015

  • It is game cheat pattern for the old console game like Contra, Winning Eleven
  • A company created this cheat pattern (We are fan of this company haha!)

Card 016

  • "Don't trust the detail" means do not read them!
  • Look at the sentense means look at the first character of each sentense
  • That is the killer!

Card 017

  • Zoom the picture you will see something

Card 018

  • Use the mirror and see what is inside :D

Card 019

  • Just try to type any password, you will see that the alert notification is changed

Card 020

  • Go back just one step means step back the character just one time like B -> A

Card 021

  • The number you have seen is the country code! Go to Google and check it
  • Front of them means only the first character

Card 022

  • swipe swipe swipe until you see something clearly

Card 023

  • Each picture refer to each letter of the password
  • 1st image dog?
  • 2nd image how does it look like?
  • 3rd image is the name of this console game
  • 4th image how does the snowman look like when it get thin
  • 5th image correct sign look similar to a letter in English

Card 024

  • Each picture refer to each letter of the password
  • Try to merge the darken color block on each picture, you will see it looks like a letter

Card 025

  • Keyboard pattern :D
  • No more hint for this card

Card 026

  • This card might the most difficult card
  • If you are in London in the Winter, what is the current time in London on each country
  • Check the timezone of each country and re-draw an analog clock
  • Yes! each country time refer to a letter of the password

Card 027

  • Count the leaf and then count English letter
  • Check the sample one, you will understand

Card 028

  • Similar to the previous card that you have to count the English letter
  • L + H => (12 + 8 = ??) => ?
  • Now, it looks easy

Card 029

  • See and count the shape of each geometry
  • Look at "France" flag. Triangle is "3", and then see the 3rd letter of France
  • You know what to do next

Card 030

  • Place the letter to the table at first image
  • Read our suck manga, you will understand how to get this

Card 031

  • Read the rule from card 01
  • There is a rule that you can ignore
  • Look at the picture what does it means
  • Then, just press that button :)

Card 032

  • Everyone stay on this thing, we cannot live outside
  • What do you think what is that thing
  • Then, answer it by using the direction guide from the image

Card 033

  • Every words have the same letter
  • Combine them!
  • Actually, look at the picture on how it looks like. It's the answer

Card 034

  • It said "Solve it". Calculate 185 x 2 = ?
  • Do you know digital number's font style? Try drawing it into your paper
  • Then, just imagine that you give this paper to someone, how they can see it
  • Yes!, it a wording! So, it you draw it by 3 times. It will be like a cheer song!

Card 035

  • English vocabulary for past simple tense on this wording :)

Card 036

  • Look at the text! it's like they face down to the ground
  • So, what happens if they face up

Card 037

  • Don't try to calculate anything!
  • Just look at "o" (the circle) and count it!
  • 91001 ... It has three "o". So it's "3"
  • Not yet completed, the anwser is not top-down but it's left-right
  • Good Luck!

Card 038

  • Split the sentense by 5 letter
  • Then, compare each with the pattern on the second picture
  • Yes, you will get each letter, and then answer!

Card 039

  • Have you ever learnt about astronomy?
  • Yes, it's our solar system
  • Answer with the name of that planet

Card 040

  • First table has the answer but you need to know the direction get it
  • Second picture tells you the direction like a compass :)
  • Be careful! The first table is strange direction
  • Hope you got it!